About company

about company
EFKO Grain Company, LLC is a part of EFKO Group, which is the leader in the edible fats market and a leading producer of Sloboda mayonnaise, vegetable oil, ketchup, milk and cultured milk products. EFKO Group also processes sunflower seeds and sells bulk crude sunflower oil and meal. In addition, EFKO Group conducts active foreign trade activities, including import and resale of vegetable oils in the domestic market, and export of agricultural products, such as crude vegetable oil, grain crops and meal.

Partnership with the terminal in the Taman Peninsula EFKO Grain Company, LLC has been established to develop export potential of Russia through exclusive partnership with the sea terminal in the port of Taman in the Black Sea.

Logistics infrastructure
Well-developed logistics infrastructure of the Company makes it possible to offer mutually advantageous terms of cooperation to the partners.

Production capacities
There are several oil-extraction plants for processing of oil seeds, which operate within EFKO Grain Company, LLC.

Network of procurement enterprises
Flexible purchasing system and favorable location of procurement enterprises and storage capacities enable the Company to purchase raw materials in more than 15 regions of Russia.

Personnel policy
Personnel is the main competitive advantage of the Company. This principle remains constant for many years. Highly-qualified personnel is the resource that has made it possible for the Company to become one of the leaders in the food industry. The Company makes every effort for development and training of its employees.

Environmental care
Environmental care is an important aspect of the Company`s policy. The Company aims at minimizing wastes of production and widely applies resource-saving technologies.


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